IFS/ SmartFreight Returns 'Client not Available'

When Navigator is linked to IFS SmartFreight via Web Services, occasionally users have reported receiving the message 'Client Not Available' when attempting to dispatch cartons.

This error can occur when you temporarily lose Internet connectivity (e.g. your modem is switched off then back on again), causing the IFS applications on your server to stop responding.

In the past, we have found that signing in to your server and restarting the following Services will remedy the situation:

  • IFS SmartFreight Enterprise Services" ; and
  • "IFS SmartFreight Server"

If you still have issues with SmartFreight after performing these steps, please contact their help desk by:

Web: https://smartfreight.com/support/ 

Australian Phone No: 02 8765 1499

New Zealand Phone No: 0800 876 222


(Please note that RFBS do not provide support for the SmartFreight Application).

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